Achieving sustainable development in the economy and social life is only possible with the active participation of women, who make up half of the population, in all areas of life. The most important of these areas is undoubtedly participation in business life. Unfortunately, the rate of women's participation in business life in our country still lags far behind what is desired. As FKG Group, we determine our approach towards women in all our institutions and organizations with the following values;

* FKG Group aims to be an example of gender equality in the working environment, which is accepted all over the world.
* In this context, FKG Group is committed to treating all its employees, regardless of whether they are men or women, by approaching everyone with a true understanding of justice based on the principle of equality in the work they are responsible for and by respecting international human rights principles.
* FKG Group fully supports women who want to be active and successful in business life with training and career planning.
* In addition, it supports all marketing, initiative and development projects that bring women to the forefront in business life.
* The Group considers full gender equality in the salary, promotion and appointment policies of its personnel and conducts all evaluations transparently.
* It shares its observations and concrete reports with the public in an open and transparent manner for the full realization of gender equality.


According to the "Youth in Statistics 2019" survey conducted by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), 15.6 percent of Turkey's population, i.e. approximately 13 million people, are in the 15-24 age group.

The youth strategy of FKG Foundation aims to harness the distinctive potential of our nation and foster the development of accomplished young individuals who will actively participate in social and economic spheres. The Foundation focuses on cultivating a generation of young individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset. It accomplishes this by facilitating the active involvement of business experts and entrepreneurs in its programmes, thereby bridging the gap between the business world and young people.

FKG Group collaborates with NGOs in Turkey and internationally to implement diverse grant programmes aimed at fostering and disseminating awareness of social responsibility among young individuals. Through these programmes, FKG Group offers opportunities for individuals aged 18-30 to participate in volunteer activities that contribute to the betterment of society in their respective home countries.